an imaginary birthday wishlist

it’s my last ten days of being a teenager, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!  IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! (yeah that’s how long I’ve been procrastinating on this entry)

and while i’m not particularly sure turning twenty is any grand,momentous event (unlike turning eighteen or twenty-one), i do like to think of it as an excuse to look at pretty things and wonder if i could get that with the excuse “well it’s my birthday”.

so, let’s say i have all the money in the world, have no qualms about continually procuring things with no sense of how wasteful that is, and that if one can have imaginary friends and pets, one can have a pile of imaginary birthday presents as well. I’ve really been looking at watches a lot lately, because I’ve had a Swatch watch since I was 12 (and had Flik Flak ones before that) and after continually changing the strap on my Swatch watch, I’m realising that it doesn’t match a lot of things I wear these days, because it’s bright purple. Purple is good and everything, but doesn’t look good with formal outfits or even just outfits that don’t go with purple!




ASOS, Boyfriend Style Watch with Octagonal Case Detail, USD44.76

I’ve had my eye on this watch for quite a while now. Upon further looking into it, I learn that the dials don’t work and they’re just there for show, so much for that. I do like the rose-gold colour a lot, I love the octagonal design, and the dial is just so simple but lovely to look like.

Marshall Major Headphones


Marshall, Major Black Headphones, USD119

Since I’ve started working with my college radio station, believe me I know these aren’t the best headphones around. I’ve had lengthy conversations with other DJs about headphones and what to look out for in a pair of headphones. I’m not someone who can really pick out what’s missing in music, whether it’s low on bass or too pitchy. It’s getting better, but that doesn’t matter too much to me at this moment. I look for good sound quality when I’m travelling. I look for portability. I needed to replace my Audiotechnica headphones last year, and had narrowed my options down to either the UrbanEars Plattan or these Marshall headphones. I found these Marshall Majors in HMV, and I tried it on and it was comfort I thought wasn’t possible with headphones. These are mid-range headphones, I guess. They’re not like Bose headphones or anything (which are simply stunning, I should know since my dad has a pair) but the quality is great, it’s incredibly comfortable and they fold up nicely so you can chuck it in your bag. I currently own a pair of Eskuche Shrimp Control headphones. They work with my iPhone as well, and were on sale, so I picked the cheaper option for now, but these Majors remain on my lust-list.


Photojojo, The ‘ONA’ Any Bag Camera Bag Insert, USD59

I love Photojojo. I am enjoying discovering what I like and don’t like about photography. I think this bag insert would be such a great investment because it would make something like 80% of my bags camera-friendly. This looks great, it’s completely waterproof (which I need because I take my waterbottle everywhere) This would be very useful indeed. I don’t know about the price, though. I guess you’re paying for the material as well.


Clarisonic,Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System, USD149

My skin is terrible. I’ve heard pretty good things about this thing, and it can work with sensitive, acne-afflicted skin (which I believe is great, because that’s different from acne-prone skin.Acne-prone is just the tendency to break out. Afflicted means you already have all these marks and bumps to deal with) I can’t justify getting this, though.


Fujifilm, Instax Mini 7S, SGD99

Still not over my “I want an instant film camera” phase. This is the cheapest one I’ve found around.


Tom Ford, Private Blend Lipstick in Cocoa Ravish, SGD65

Tom Ford impressed me in 2011. I watched A Single Man for the first time, I discovered Tom Ford suits and how stunning his style and designs are. Snazzy brand I like a lot, and his line of make-up is incredibly beautiful. And classy. Supremely classy. This lipstick’s colour is something else.

Bordeux La Mer Wrap Watch

seven, eight, nine, ten.

more watches, pictures are click-through links.

Watches, unf. I don’t know how I went this long not hearing about La Mer watches. As far as casual watches go, those wrap-charm-watches captivate me a lot and they’re totally watches I would wear all the time, but I’m not sure they’re like, work appropriate and things. Chronographs interest me a lot because they have this nice manly touch to them, and I also like the trend of boyfriend watches, even though the chronographs above are women’s watches. Michael Kors watches have caught my eye since the end of last year, I’d never really given Marc Jacobs much thought until I found the watch collection. I also think tan-leather looks much better than simple black straps, but the strange thing is that I can’t tell if the colour suits my skin-tone or not. I’ll be surprised if I end up getting any of these watches. I believe they’re all mid-range again, but they’re nowhere near prices I’m particularly willing to pay at this point in time. Watches are lovely o look at, though.


do you have reasons!

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