of love and lovers, of giving love and getting love.

Yesterday was Valentines’ Day, and I’m not really one to think of it as great cause for celebration or anything, because I’ve never really had anybody to celebrate a relationship with. But that’s alright! It’ll happen some day. And then it will be awesome.

I had classes yesterday, for Campus Radio went Live and it was a lot of great fun, perhaps when the pictures from that are ready I’ll put some of them up, but there were lots of funny things going on, and it was a decent success.

I managed to get myself a copy of The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan yesterday, and it seemed like a moment of serendipity considering yesterday was Valentines. I like David Levithan and his books, I will proudly say so, because amongst the hundreds of Young Adult books I read between the ages of 13 and 16, his books do stand out to me even though they’re pretty similar in writing styles and things. David Levithan’s writing manages to hit my heart in certain moments. They’re sweet books, quirky characters who are increasingly more and more hipster-licious, they’re very easy to read, and that’s what is so great about them, I think. He writes about simple things, and he has such lovely ways to write about them. I think I’ve read pretty much everything he’s written, even if I was disappointed at the end of it (as with Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List) but there will never be a day I will say anything bad about Boy Meets Boy or Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Or Love Is The Higher Law.

Levithan released a new book, which wasn’t aimed at Young Adults, last year, I believe, and it was simply called The Lover’s Dictionary. In most places, it looks like this:

  Or in some places, it looks like this:
This book is fiction, but much like his book Realm of Possibility, it doesn’t follow your conventional story told in full prose. This is one of those books you can add to your ‘To Read’ list and actually strike off pretty quickly. It’s incredibly easy to read, and it’s an interesting concept, all things considered. Levithan’s picked words from the English language, and written little drabbles about them. Some of them are just one line long, some fill up a page. They span every single emotion you can possibly think of, they’re funny, they’re sad, they’re melancholy, they’re yearning. Reading this is like reading a book defining emotions, and thats what I think Levithan’s trying to do here. He writes about love, he loves writing about love, and this book seems to me like an attempt to immortalise moments that capture those continuum of emotions you can feel.
This makes for an interesting read, especially on Valentines’ Day. Might have possibly put me into a bit of a dull mood for a while, but every now and then there was something that made me laugh out loud, and it all balances out nicely.
Everybody needs easy reading once in a while, even if you’re not into this sort of brainless reading. This would be a nice book to have and be able to take out and look at one entry, point at it and think “this is how I feel right now. If he can write about it, I’m not the only one who feels this way even if it feels like I’m alone in this.”
  blemish, n.

   The slight acne scars. The penny-sized, penny-shaped birthmark   right above your knee. The dot below your shoulder that must have been from when you had chicken pox in third grade. The scratch on your neck — did I do that?
This brief transcript of moments, written on the body, is so deeply satisfying to read.

2 Responses to “of love and lovers, of giving love and getting love.”
  1. Victoria says:

    Ooh I have to read this! :D

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