seeing is feeling//textures

1. Navy Jumpsuit from nameless shop in Nex Mall, scarf from Urban Outfitters in London

2. Black and White Slouchy Sweater from New Look

3. Artemis necklace from Edelstine Designs

4. Ethnic print bag from Forever 21

I’ve been holding a couple of photographs I took of various things I own, wondering what exactly to do with them. I’ve had an incredibly long week at college with conflicting schedules and having to run from one end of campus to the other end and then back to and fro multiple times (and the distance is one subway train station apart, pretty much), and I thought I’d force myself to have some peace and my-time over the weekend, because it is sort of insane to keep running like this without having anything that lets your mind just have a break.

  I did meet up with a friend from primary school, and honestly, what she gave me was a wonderful perk midst all this running around.It’s a little moose from Ikea, and I have an octopus from a previous impulsive buy a couple of years ago, nice and brightly orange, but there’s nothing quite like having a little orange moose in your bag to cheer you up when you’re tired to your bones. This moose is really tiny, and here’s proof of just that.

  I want to name this fellow quite badly. I’m thinking it would be easiest to call him Sammy, because Sammy is the Moose To Rule Them All, but perhaps I should see if my friend would like to christen him for me.

  I got home on Friday night pretty much dead on my feet, so much so that my dad actually came to my college to pick me up and I was fighting to stay awake on the car ride home, but I had made plans to meet another friend for lunch on Saturday, so I woke up rather eager for that, since it’s been nearly a year since we’ve met. I reached early, and also had to get something for a family friend since they were coming over for dinner. Her 19th birthday is coming soon, so we thought we’d get her something nice, of course. I walked into a New Look, and chanced upon some really beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories. It’s probably the best sale I’ve seen yet, and I am not even that big a fan of New Look since it’s usually overpriced and Forever21 owns a large portion of my heart, but this sparkly gold clutch and gem-studded metal feather bracelet were beautiful and being sold at extremely attractive prices.  I fell in love with them for my friend (since I know she likes shiny things) and this wallet is just super super pretty. I just require many more card slots because my wallet can probably kill someone.

 So halfway through all this, things came up and all this relaxing, wonderful atmosphere sort of dissolved into even greater stress and worry and I found myself on Sunday morning exhausted, still worried, and sort of incapable of actually studying and getting things into my head. I decided to paint my nails, since it is quite a stress relieving activity, and figured I’d try something different, so now I have taupe-coloured french tips which I’m sort of pleased with because it’s something I’ve never done before.

I found myself taking out my dslr and just trying to take pictures of various things, and I think it actually helped the situation a little bit. It’s a little strange to say that photography helped me find my focus, but thinking about it, it did really help calm me down for a little bit at least. I liked looking at the things I took photos of, and finding commonalities between them, and in this case it all seemed to surround textures, soft ones, silky ones, all kinds of things you can feel something by just looking at them because of the associations you make about them in your head.

And then after things settled down a little bit, I realised how incredibly exhausted I was, and ended up napping for a half hour on my bed while I had my Marketing case notes open. I didn’t even wake up on my own, but was instead woken up by a neighbour who was checking up on me. Which sort of put me back into a semi-bad mood about things, and I went and made myself a cup of chamomile tea and wanted to put jam on cream crackers only to realise we have no jam at home.

It’s been a little crazy and a lot tiring, but I shouldn’t complain, I guess.

4 Responses to “seeing is feeling//textures”
  1. sneakergaze says:

    Nice photos! Did you finally buy that necklace from your friend? :D

    Also, adorable moose is adorable.

    • ochie says:

      aww thanks:D plus you know how the jumpsuit pic is totally taken on the clothes hanger thingy hehehe

      and yes that’s the necklace i bought from my friend, and she was nice enough to throw in a pair of matching green-stone earrings too! victoria is the best :D


  2. Victoria says:

    I love your jumpsuit and your b&w sweater!!

    Also, you look such nice pictures of the necklace ahhh! :D It looks so much nicer in your photos ;)

    • ochie says:

      hehe yayy:D i wore the sweater to school last monday and it really was as though i had a hug the whole time. and i had blowdried hair, so the swooshy-ness was really lovely.

      and aww you think so? that’s such a compliment hee. i haven’t worn it out yet but i will at some point and then if people ask me about it i will be all OOH MY FRIEND MADE IT.

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