sunshine serenade

I spent four days in Sri Lanka over the Chinese New Year break, and managed to see bits of Colombo, Beruwala and Kandy along with some of my best friends. It was four exhausting days of little sleep, lots of talking, lots of trying-to-sleep-on-buses, inside jokes and little memories that I won’t forget. I was a little sad I didn’t end up taking my dslr on this trip, so I made do with my ever-trusted Canon Ixus 80 IS, and these pictures were taken on that. Sri Lanka truly is a lot like India, but it’s still different, because it’s considerably less crowded, and as a result, much cleaner and better developed, infrastructure-wise. The sun was shining incredibly brightly the whole time we were there, and it made for good photos without having to try very hard.

Running through those pics from start to end, we spent an evening at Beruwala doing all sorts of water-sport activities at a man-made lake. I wasn’t in the mood for jet-skiing or anything of the sort, but I did join my dad and some friends on a little river cruise through mangrove forests which was beautiful. I spent most of my time that evening sitting at the little jetty-type thing and got pictures of my friends against the setting sun. Hotels kept having really beautiful flower arrangements, and the one in that picture is from the first hotel we stayed at. I liked the painting hanging on the wall of the room my friend and I shared at Beruwala, and I had seen a couple of pictures from another photographer of unmade beds, and it made me realise that capturing that would be nice. That picture didn’t turn out as bright as I’d have liked it to, but it still sort of works. The pictures with elephants in them were taken at an elephant orphanage on our way from Kandy to Colombo. I think this was my favourite bit of the trip, as far as sight-seeing goes. The orphanage takes in injured, abandoned and sick elephants and seems to be doing well in terms of keeping elephants healthy and happy. I absolutely adore elephants, and feel like you can totally tell when they’re smiling and they’re happy. Elephant kids are ridiculous and mischievous and they’re such children it’s absolutely wonderful. We ate lunch at a restaurant next to a river while a large group of elephants took their daily soak, and I loved seeing this trio of baby elephants dunking each other and literally frolicking in the water as opposed to the adult elephants who were just standing around in what must have been, in human terms, ankle-deep-water. I fed an elephant named Komali a bowl of fruit and I gave her trunk a good pat and sort of had to stop myself from hugging an elephant’s leg and pissing the animal off. I would hug elephants if i could. Okay, then we have a random picture of myself with sunglasses and a sunhat! Purely because that doesn’t happen very often. On the bus ride in Colombo, we passed by this church that I liked a fair bit, and the really large Buddha (i like this picture a lot and am terribly pleased with it if I may say so myself) was actually the first place we stopped at, on our way to Beruwala. I liked this a lot because it reminded me of the somewhat similar statue of Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, which I’ve been to in 2006.

This isn’t really about my trip, because a lot of things worth mentioning happened, but all in all, this trip was great purely because I had the best company anyone could ask for. I also am now convinced that Emirates flights are definitely worth the money you pay, because the food was decent, and service was great, all while also having enough leg room in economy! I was extremely comfortable on both flights to and from Colombo. The cute air stewards helps, too. I ended up watching Midnight in Paris on my flight back to Singapore (liked the movie, Paris is beautiful, I adore Rachel McAdams, I loved having all these great artists and literary folk personified), and then ended up watching bits of Last Night (purely for the Keira/Guillaume bits because the faces they make do funny things to my heart) and Crazy, Stupid, Love (purely for Emma Stone/ Ryan Gosling) and watched bits of Tangled as my friend beside me watched it for something like the 27th time. Good time on the flights, too.

College is getting incredibly busy. Outside of my classes, all my time has been divided between production work for my drama group play, running rehearsals as one of three directors of the play, working with my campus radio folk to figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day, working with my bestie (the one over whose shoulder I watched Tangled on the flight home) to get our very first hour-long show recorded in time for it to go onto radio monday night, and this other broadcast and entertainment programme i’m in called the artist enrichment program where a bunch of us are getting trained in live hosting skills twice a week for five weeks by Fly Entertainment. The only reason I agreed to this is because it’s Fly Entertainment and that is a pretty legit company all things considered. It’s going well so far, and our last class was working on diction and projection and it was run by Brendan Fernandez, who is one pretty cool dude. These things are exhausting and make me wonder why I’m doing everything at once, and how I’m going to get through my classes because they just seem incredibly boring at certain times in comparison, but the more I think about it, I just feel like it’s the way I keep my life in balance. For all the academia I’m throwing myself into, I’m also flinging myself into my performance arts all over again, and right now, I can only say that it feels pretty damn good.

Somehow I’ve had some time to do some shopping over the weekend, though I didn’t do much shopping in Sri Lanka. I took pictures and I’ll probably post them up some time soon, maybe before my birthday next month. In short, I walked by an Accessorize sale and fell in love with a bag which originally cost $116.90 and I ended up paying $35 for it, which made my heart do funny things all over again. I also got another bag and a top from Forever21 on Saturday, and I’m thinking my birthday loot for the year is already surprising me.

Tomorrow, or well, later today, I go to the Singapore Art Museum for school reasons. I am rather excited about this.


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