I was buried like a treasure/But no one ever came to mark the spot

Two weeks ago, I was told that I would have to go visit the Singapore Art Museum for my Creative Thinking class. I’m really not one to procrastinate on things, especially when they involve museums and artsy things in relation to my studies in the rather non-artsy business school, but somehow I found myself with only three days to go to the museum and for once, I think I made the right decision to go on a Sunday morning, the day before my class.

Now as much as I love the arts, I’m not naturally a museums kind of person. My sister loves them, adores them, and after I got to see some amazing ones in London last May, I’m much less averse to them. I’ve realised it’s more about finding the things that catch your eye. I have always sort of enjoyed Natural History museums and Maritime Museums and Sports Museums, but art eludes me sometimes. But I guess on occasion, it is pretty wonderful to just wander through the halls of this beautiful building we’ve walked by so many times and just enjoy everything about the whole experience.

I set off for the museum armed with my Canon 600D because I knew this would be great photography-skills-developing experience, and it has been a wonderfully sunny day today which made for clear skies and happy looking pictures of this royal-looking colonial building that used to be SJI. My college is pretty much opposite this museum, and I’ve seen this melting-Superman from various parts of my college so many times, thinking to myself that I should take a photo of it, and now I finally have, I am pleased with it.

I don’t think rambling about these pieces is really going to help things a lot, because it’ll become too many words and not enough appreciation, but while I figured out photography etiquette in museums online last night, I saw many debates about whether photography, even without flash, should be allowed in museums. I figure it really comes down to reasons for taking pictures. I had two for today, the first being, capturing the pieces in memory that I liked, that will probably form the basis of mt contributions to the class discussion and my own personal artwork later, and the second is that this really gave me a new area of photography to explore and I got to fiddle with settings and just learn how lighting and brightness need to be changed accordingly.

I walked through the ongoing exhibitions the collectors show: Chimera, the singapore show: future proof, the Signature Art Prize 2011 Finalists Exhibition, held between the main building and the side building at 8Q. There was a surprising number of artworks that actually got a physical reaction out of me, whether from its graphic nature, the sheer violence of the story behind it, or the style of the piece. But there were also enough that made me break out into smiles and just marvel at the simplicity of the idea and beauty of the final work.

These are the things that really caught my eye.You can see my full set of 75 photos over here on flickr.

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