new things for a new year!

I don’t know about anybody else, but I love getting things for the new year. My diary for the year, restocking stationery (which mostly means getting blue, black, or blue-black refills for pens that are usually not either of those colours on the outside), perhaps a random t-shirt or bracelet, or even a pair of socks. I like using the excuse of “it’s a new year” to buy things. I tend to do this towards the end of December, but in January I’ll decide that what I got in December doesn’t really count.

Not to say that I impulsively buy all kinds of things to fuel a shopping addiction, but what  I mean is that I like buying things all year round, it’s something I do like, but in January, it feels a little bit more awesome. Just because it’s a new year.

My January so far has been pretty busy, but good at the same time. I caught a production of Wicked on the 5th with my sister, and our seats were along the aisle in the stalls (I’m picky about getting stalls seats for theatre) and I finally fulfilled a several-year-long urge to watch Wicked that I didn’t satisfy while I was in London last May. I met a couple of friends, hung out with my sister whenever possible, and also found myself at college before the term officially even started.

That’s another thing I quite like. School when it’s actually out. Hardly anyone’s around, everyone’s relaxed and not in a rush to get anywhere, nobody’s being obnoxious and blocking corridors or anything. I’ve always likes going to school on the random day or two a couple of weeks before term begins, just to be able to enjoy the campus and the serenity of the building. You can happily wander in, and once you’re in, you’re pretty much cut off from the rest of the world, and I love that feeling. Being on a campus in the middle of the CBD is technically supposed to feel different, but I actually kind of like it that way, compared to the alternatives at least.

So I’ve had a couple of meetings regarding the drama group’s production that’s going to happen in March, and we just had our first group of auditions last night, and it was quite the experience. I’ve never been on the side running the audition, and to see people read and act out lines you’ve written yourself is quite a nice feeling. Especially if you can tell that they just get your characters, which you know, is a good thing. I have my own thoughts about how others are going to see this whole thing, but it’s something I’ve never done before, and I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit more, so it should do me some good all in all.

My first week of classes has been decent, I still have two more classes later today, but that’s in a couple of hours (I got to college early, figured I’d get more work done here than at home) and I felt a bit lazy to dive into my reading right away at half past eight in the morning. I think it’s always good atleast attempt to stay on top of readings, even though that falls through and becomes virtually impossible after four weeks. I’m kept pretty busy with five classes, my drama production, my weekly radio show and this other programme i’ve been selected for, which is a ten-session long thing twice a week which should end by late February. My days are mostly packed, but not in a bad way just yet.

I found this Forever21 swimsuit at a store some time last week, and was quite attracted to it. I didn’t buy it just yet, but it still hasn’t left my mind and it’s really, really pretty. Was quite decently priced, but all things considered, by the time I decide to get it, it’ll probably not be in stock anymore. It isn’t on the online shop, so what’s to say it’ll still be there in the store? Plus there’s always that thing where everybody wears Forever21 stuff and you’ll probably find three other people with the same thing.

I’m sitting at the library facing a floor-to-ceiling glass window, looking out at the buildings on the road opposite the library building, and all I see is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf staring at me, the temptress store. I’ve been pretty good with the whole avoiding coffee in an attempt to help my acne get better, but daaaaaaamn, sometimes I just want a tiny glass of coffee. It doesn’t happen all that often anymore (because my money is now channelled into fuelling my lunch-salad needs) but I do really want a hot drink now. My nose is doing funny things and the mass cold bug going around is quite vicious.

I’ve finally started reading Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me And Other Concerns, which means yeah, I’ve abandoned The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for now, but will get back to at some point. Mindy Kaling is adorable and if I ever got to meet her, I’d want to just give her a hug. Yes. I should make my “Books To Read in 2012” List as well, actually. Can’t believe one doesn’t quite exist yet.

My quest for finding a nice non-nude shade of lipstick continues. In my head, I’m trying to find this one colour I like a lot, but I have no idea if it will look good on me. On the other hand, I rediscovered my liking for my Body Shop Rose Pink lipstick, realising that it didn’t look so strangely pink after all. I love my two nude shades, but sometimes they make my lips look too pale. Ah, lipstick. The day I find that bold-ish colour that suits me perfectly would be a day I will remember for a long time!

I think I’ll go get myself a hot drink from the library cafe. It’ll be cheaper than Coffee Bean.


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