…wear ALL the shoes!

(from top left) Converse Chuck Taylors, Ripples flip-flops, Unknown braided-flats,

Converse Chuck Taylors, New Look Oxford Heels, DMK black heels,

Strappy Heels from OG, Bata Fake!Birkenstocks, Puma Leopard-print High Top Sneakers

I am such a sucker for shoes and sandals and heels. When I look back on 2011 in terms of the things I’ve bought, I am pretty sure I’ve bought way too many pairs of shoes this year. Of these nine pairs of shoes pictured here, four are actually my sister’s shoes, and I have clearly stolen them while she left them home over the summer. Of the remaining five that are my shoes, the strappy heels were a recent purchase made in early December because I wore out my previous pair of strappy heels after six salsa dancing classes. The oxford heels are probably one of my favourite purchases of the whole year, bought from a New Look in Oxford, London, in the glorious size 9 which just wasn’t available in the stores here. I actually own a lot more shoes than just the ones pictured here. The ones here are the ones I have pictures taken of. When I am bored, I take pictures of my feet and footwear, because I love every pair of shoes and sandals and heels that I have.

I bought my first ever pair of boots this year. There was a period of time in October when the weather was terrible, and all it did was rain and rain endlessly, and I always ended up in school with wet Chucks and wet socks and I had to sit in my classes for three hours with either with wet socks, or barefoot, only to put my feet back into grossly wet canvas shoes. I was determined to get myself a pair of waterproof boots that would keep my feet dry no matter how wet the day was. I found a gorgeous brown pair in Forever21 within my budget, and they were my perfect solution to the problem, and needless to say, you will probably see a picture of those on this blog at some point in time.

I also recently bought myself a pair of navy blue loafers, to serve as the ever-trusted toe-covering flats. I went long enough without having flats since my Rubi ones wore out (in that terrible rain, and before that) but sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing socks and tying shoelaces to wear my sneakers everywhere, so flats were a good buy. They’re comfy, really comfy. And they’re sort of waterproof as well.

I’m a sucker for heels, that’s something you should keep in mind. I might be taller than the average person here, but I adore heels and I will wear heels if I feel like it. I have wedges, I have shiny pumps, and now I have oxford heels as well. I have strappy heels, and in a moment of weakness while in India, procured for myself two pairs of very, very comfortable pairs of sandals that have blocky heels mostly because I found nice shoes in my size. I feel like there are certain things that you just cannot wear with flats. Flats are really comfy, and it’s nice to walk on flat ground sometimes, but wearing heels makes me feel prettier. Wearing heels makes me stand a little taller, and sort of just adds some sass to almost any outfit you wear. It’s quite the confidence booster.

I should perhaps consider making “buy fewer shoes” a resolution for the new year, but I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to replace shoes as they wear out and I have to get rid of them as I did this year. One goes out, one comes in. Sometimes one goes out and two come in.  But right now, I feel like I’ll probably stay away from buying footwear for a long while, because I’ve got a great bunch of pairs with me now and I definitely have something to suit every outfit and occasion!

It’s like the signs outside Rubi. Shoes make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever.

do you have reasons!

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