before the year is out, hello!

Top from Nex, Yellow Braided Belt from Tangs, Skirt from Forever21 (ordered online from here), sandals from Charles and Keith, Elle Magazine Cover Bag from Tangs, Double-finger Bird Ring from Forever21

Vintage dressing has been in fashion for most of 2011, and it’s taken me pretty much the whole year to finally bother trying it out on myself. I was waiting to find the perfect mid-length skirt that wasn’t knee-length and wasn’t too close to my ankles either. A lot of the vintage-type dresses and skirts I’ve seen in shops and on friends this year have been things that just will not flatter me, because of the way I’m built. I finally decided in November that I wanted a mid-calf length skirt because it’s a comfortable length, being decent and wearable while not making me feel like I’m visiting temples in India (because that is what I associate full-length, flowy, billowy skirts with)

I found this skirt on sale on, and it seemed reasonably priced at $12. I took a chance on it, and my sis was a bit hesitant about this, because it’s a bold print and everything, but once she showed it to me when she got home on Tuesday, I sort of liked it very much and wore it the very next day when we went out to do a whole bunch of things ranging from an informal-ish interview at my college for a community service programme to watching The Muppets Movie (which I loved so very much).

I actually have another new skirt of this length that I recently got on my trip to India. It is high-waisted, billowy-at-the-bottom, and red, which was a combination I didn’t know I would like and look decent in, but I like it very much. That is one very well-tailored skirt. I probably need a bit more of an occasion to wear that one, though. When I do, it definitely will go up here, no worries about that.

This attire is pretty much the thing that got me thinking that I can perhaps keep a fashion blog going for a fair while without exhausting things I could go on about. One moment I was wondering what would I pair with this skirt, and within five minutes, I seemed to have an outfit that was more than I expected. It made me feel happy, I loved walking around around town dressed like this.

In line with my new years’ resolution of taking more photographs in order to become a better photographer, this is actually the first photo I’ve edited on Photoshop to make it look vintagey without resorting to things like Instagram which do it beautifully for you. I know it’s far from perfect, but hey, for a first attempt following a tutorial at midnight, I’m pretty pleased.

It’s Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, everyone.

4 Responses to “before the year is out, hello!”
  1. Victoria says:

    I subscribed to your feed wooooo!!!!

  2. sneakergaze says:

    Feels so strange – but in a good way – to be visiting you on WordPress! I’ll subscribe and link you (if you want) if I decide to get my blog up and running, or I’ll just keep commenting, at least. :D

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